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Pirandai Rice Mix Powder


RiaSri Pirandai  Rice Mix Rich in Taste. Even Children also likes very much.


Health Benefits:

Promotes Bone Health

Reduces Blood Sugar

Really good for diabetics

Boots Immune System

Treats Irregular Menstruation

It treats joint pain stiffness and Arthritis

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Pirandai is creeper, which has lots of health benefits. Our RiaSri Pirandai  Rice Mix Rich in Taste and it treats indigestion and strengthens bones. Recently, many women are facing menstrual problem and lack of bone strength. Pirandai will prevent such issues. We are giving prirandai podi in a tasty form with a lot of healthy ingredients for wholesome benefit. We prepare Pirandai podi from farm fresh organic plant with healthy and premium ingredients like black urad dal, black sesame seeds etc.

Ingredients : 

Organic Fresh Pirandai

Organic Fresh Curry Leaves

Sesame Black

Black Gram(Unpolished Ulundhu)

Toor Dal

Bengal Gram

Chena Dal

Black Pepper



Redi Chilies








Additional information

Weight 100 g

100gm, 200gm


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